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DRAFT Minutes of Last Meeting

April 18, 2013

Lauren Kelly has submitted a draft of the Minutes for the April 9th meeting. Please review.
DRAFT Minutes of the BCHRC Meeting


Draft Minutes – January Meeting

January 23, 2013

Please review the attached Draft Minutes of our BCHRC meeting held on January 8, 2013.  Please send revisions or comments to Natalie.  Draft.BCHRCMinutes1.8.2013

Minutes of Nov. 15, 2011 Meeting

January 24, 2012

Pamela sent these minutes earlier today:

The meeting of the Beaufort County Historical Resources Consortium was called to order on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 9:06 a.m. by the meeting’s chairperson, Queen Quet.  In attendance were host, Grace Cordial, Historical Resources Coordinator of the Beaufort County Library, Natalie Hefter from the Coastal Discovery Museum, Katherine Lang from the Beaufort History Museum, Donna Alley from the City of Beaufort,Mary Lou Brewton from the Beaufort History Museum, the Beaufort County Historical Society, and the Archeological Society, Pamela Ovens from the Beaufort County Historical Society, Iva Welton from the Heritage Library, Betsy Kinghorn from the Historic Beaufort Foundation, Maureen Richards from the Bluffton Historical Society and the Heyward House, County Historian, Ian Hill, Dennis Adams from Beaufort County, Colin Brooker, author and Chief O’Laitan from the from the Gullah Nation. 

Ian Hill reported about an idea from County Administrator, Gary Kubic.  The idea was to have “Beaufort County Moments” that would be approximately one minute long devoted to historical information about Beaufort County with a concentration on tourism.  Grace Cordial helped with the idea and reported back to Gary Kubic.  Dennis Adams and Ian Hill researched and worked with the ‘trust’ person and will commit some money to tourism regarding history.  The Beaufort County Channel will air the one minute moments.  Scott Grooms and Suzanne Larson will begin taping in January.  Ian Hill mentioned historical moments for St. Lukes Church, Old Sheldon Church, Penn Center and Fort Fremont. 

Queen Quet asked Ian how the county did outreach and Ian replied they did not do outreach;  that they did the work in house.  Grace Cordial said that if money is held in trust they could be included.  Colin Brooker said the United Nations should be contacted and Queen Quet said that she is a permanent representative at the United Nations in New York City.  She said that heritage tourism helps get repeat tourists.  Ian Hill was on the U.N. advisory committee.

Mary Lou Brewton from the Beaufort History Museum, reported that archeologists appraisals are taking place at the museum now and that the museum is set to open in the spring of 2012.  It will be located in the Loft at City Hall.  Katherine Lang said she wanted to help tourism the museum promote tourism.  She said it was important to children.  Mary Lou talked about History Week and the amazing work the county did.  Mary Lou suggested a tour of all the historic markers.

Queen Quet asked about the parade and history day.  Queen Quet said she had played Harriet Tubman and Katherine Lang suggested Natalie Daise perform as Tubman.  MaryLou suggested that we give a marker at Cumbee bridge to Harriet Tubman in 2013.

Maureen Richards reminded everyone about Bluffon and said that she wanted to be part of the loop. 

Queen Quet said that they are at the end of the Gullah Geechee Corridor Committee work and the she is a computer scientist working on the project.

Grace Cordial reminded everyone that the library is open 24/7 through the virtual library on the web.  Grace said the homepage has an obit index from 1882 and she writes a blog that receives 750 hits a month.  The local history and nature pages, recommended reading and the Beaufort District Collection receive 100,000 hits a year.  On the Famous people of Beaufort County page Dr. Buzzard, Sheriff McTeer and the U.S. Colored Troops are popular.  Grace said that 96% is funded by the county.  In the Library itself that is open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday 1,500 visitors come annually.  Grace suggested sending jpg format and not pdfs to this communication site.

Betsy Kinghorn said that the Historic Beaufort Foundation offices are now at 208 Scott Street and invited everyone to take a look.  She reported that HBF is still offering their lecture and dinner series.  The latest author is Dennis Kennedy who wrote about The Saga of “The Planter”.  She said the Verdier House is still presenting the history of Beaufort during the Civil War on the first floor.  The second floor has the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery and the third has the Flag from the Beaufort Artillery in the Civil War.  The flag was completely restored.  They are also showing the state of South Carolina’s Collection on Robert Smalls put together by Robert Smalls family.  They added his desk owned by the Historic Beaufort Foundation to the presentation.  The Smalls program will run through December 20, 2011. 

Queen Quet spoke about the Gullah Geechee international television show that she produced.  She also has a radio show.  

Chief Olaitan from Sheldon and the African Village, Oyotunji showed a brief video about the village.  The first African born in America in 1970 founded Oyotunji.  He reminded everyone that the people were never “slaves” but that they were “enslaved.” 

He spoke about finishing a grant and that they needed to outreach more to get more money for their projects.

Grace Cordial asked when we should meet, again, and Mary Lou Brewton moved that we meet every six months.  Katherine Lang seconded the motion.  Discussion took place with Iva Welton suggesting that the group should meet every four months.  Ms. Welton thought that the purpose of the group was to keep cultural heritage groups together to share common ground with “connections to collections”.  She suggested that we share an archivist.  It was agreed that the next meeting would be on May 15, 2012 at the Heritage Library on Hilton Head Island.  It was agreed that it would be a bag lunch meeting.  Pamela Ovens suggested asking the Mitchelville Project to come to the next meeting.  Iva Welton will chair the meeting on May 15.  Grace Cordial volunteered to take minutes for that meeting.

Queet Quet thanked everyone for coming and for their participation, then turned it over to Iva Welton.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted by Pamela Martin Ovens.

Thank you, Pamela.  If there are any corrections, additions, etc., we can handle those at our meeting in May. — Grace

PS: This is the 300th entry to this blog – which is a milestone of sorts – and a cause for me to remind each of you to accept the “AUTHOR” invitation to log your own news, updates, and items to share.

Minutes for Feb. 26, 2009 Meeting

March 2, 2009

Thanks very much to those who came to the get-together on Thursday, Feb. 26th.  St. Helena’s Church certainly raised the bar for the next host/hostess of our little gathering with all the delicious goodies!  Thank you very much, Bob, for serving as host and tour guide.  –Grace

Donna Alley has submitted the following minutes for our meeting last week.  Please note your corrections and additions so we can make necessary adjustments at our next meeting.

The meeting began at 3:00 PM, with Grace Cordial, Beaufort County Library, facilitating.


Host:   Bob Barrett, Archivist, St. Helena’s Episcopal Church


Attendees:     Beaufort Country Library, delegate Grace Cordial

                        Beaufort City Planning, delegate Donna Alley

                        Beaufort County Planning, delegate Terri Norris

                        USC-B, delegate Mae Mendoza

                        Beaufort County Historical Society, delegate Iva      Welton

                        Bluffton Historical Preservation Society, Inc., delegate Maureen Richards

                        Parris Island Museum, delegate David Smoot

                        Colin Brooker, Independent Researcher 


Grace Cordial reminded all that the “blog” is functioning and that entries may be sent to her to share with others. She usually checks on Fridays for comments.  She tries to update the blog at least twice a month.


Grace Cordial expressed an interest in our member organizations participating in the Beaufort Three Century (BC3) project in whatever way each organization sees fit.


            Donna Alley said she is serving on a committee charged with writing a neighborhood book about “The Old Commons” neighborhood as part of the Beaufort Three Century project.


It was decided that the group will meet again in approximately six months.


Maureen Richards volunteered to host in Bluffton.  Grace will poll members via the blog for possible dates and times in July.


Bob Barrett presented several remarkable items in St. Helena’s archival collection. After his informative presentation, he gave us a tour of the historic sanctuary.

January 31 Minutes

February 1, 2008

These minutes are slightly abbreviated. The full minutes were sent via e-mail. — gmc

The meeting began at 9 am, with Grace Cordial, BCL as facilitator in the Beaufort County Library, 311 Scott Street, Beaufort, SC.

Organizations Present:

Beaufort County Library (BCL): delegate Grace Cordial; also attending Dennis Adams, Amber Shorthouse

Beaufort City Planning (BCP): delegate Donna Alley

Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition (G/G): delegate Queen Quet

Penn Center (PC): delegate Rosalyn Browne

USCB: delegate Mae Mendoza

Beaufort County Historical Society (BCHS): delegate Iva Welton

Historic Beaufort Foundation (HBF): delegate Evan Thompson; also attending Elizabeth Garrett

Organizations not attending:

Coastal Discovery Museum (CDM)

Parris Island Museum (PIM)

Historic Port Royal Foundation (HPRF)

Heritage Library (HL)

Bluffton Historical Preservation Society (BHPS)

Beaufort County Planning (BCHP)

Beaufort County Records Management (BCRM)

Summary of Decisions and Discussions:

It was decided that the HRC will continue. However, discussion about a new name for the organization, the mission of the organization, a structure for the organization and criteria for membership in the organization was extensive and far-ranging.

Evan Thompson, HBF, agreed to research existing organizations similar to our own that may have a mission statement and by-laws that can be adapted for our use. He agreed to research the basic requirements for an organization of this nature that will qualify HRC to receive grant funds. He will prepare a report for the next meeting.

It was decided that because the HRC has no constitution, by-laws or other organizational structure in place, we will postpone selection of a new chair until a later time.

Considerable time was devoted to a discussion of the mission and goals of the HRC.

The organizations present reached consensus on these points:

  1. The HRC should share information about collections of historical and/or cultural significance to Beaufort District with the public.
  2. The member organizations of the HRC should improve public access to local history through professional cooperation.
  3. The HRC should offer opportunities to share professional expertise among our institutions.
  4. The HRC mission statement should include these provisions:

a. We promote diverse collections of Beaufort District historical and/or cultural significance. These collections can be paper based, art or artifact based, structure/architecture based, historic site based, etc.

b. The organizations belonging to the HRC must have control of public access to collections of historical and/or cultural significance to the Beaufort District.

c. The organizations must be non-profit, not-for profit, or public institutions.

It was agreed that HRC needs to prepare and distribute a survey form to determine the extent of local historical and cultural heritage collections in the area. It was the consensus of the group that:

1. Our goal is to identify all of the groups with significant historic and/or cultural collections relating to Beaufort County, Jasper County and Hampton County (or the area formerly known as the Beaufort District).

2. The survey form should include the purpose of the group, the extent of their collection, whether or not the collection is available for public use, and if a fee is charged for access to the collection.

3. We will use the information garnered in order to compile a comprehensive index to these locally significant historical and cultural collections for our researchers and visitors.

4. An additional use of the survey will be to ascertain eligibility of other organizations to join this organization.

5. After the surveying is complete, and contingent upon a good response to the survey, we can then begin to build inventory information of the extent, depth and scope of historical and cultural collections of local significance with an ultimate aim of securing funds to meet proposed long-term goals:

a. Increase awareness of existing local historically and/or culturally significant collections.

b. Promotion of our organization as a research tool.

c. Encourage personal collectors to donate their collections to the local historical community.

d. Prepare for the upcoming historically significant anniversaries.

e. Creation of a web site.

f. Creation of an interactive, digital district map of historic sites and locations of historically and/or culturally significant collections.

Elizabeth Garrett, HBF, has volunteered to create the survey. Queen Quet, G/G and Iva Welton, BCHS, have volunteered to contact potentially significant groups/organizations about completing the survey. BCL will host the online survey.

Additional discussion of these matters will continue on a private blog for this group that Dennis Adams (BCL) will create within the next week. The link to the closed blog will be sent to the HRC membership through their usual e-mail contacts.

It was decided that the HRC group needs to set up a regular meeting date and time. Therefore, the next meeting of the HRC will take place on Thursday, February 21st @ 12:00 noon at the Elliott House (Beaufort.)  Bring your own lunch.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00am.