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What if … ?

March 17, 2010

I monitor a digitization blog by Jill Hurst-Walsh called Digitization 101.  Her entry today about WolfWalk could have some application for our organization.  Here’s what she wrote:  

Last week, the North Carolina State University Libraries released WolfWalk.  WofWalk is “an innovative tool that makes it easy to explore the NC State campus and its history. WolfWalk capitalizes on the location awareness of today’s mobile devices to allow users to give themselves a self-guided historical walk through NC State’s main campus. As users stroll around campus, their mobile devices detect their current locations and then deliver a tour of nearby buildings and other historically interesting locations. Users with devices that don’t support GPS or other location detection, including older iPods, can manually navigate through the site to enjoy a tour of campus.” The press release goes on to say:

The new tool draws on the resources of the University Archives in the NCSU Libraries’ Special Collections Research Center, a vast array of documents, photos, audio files and other historical materials from the founding of the school up through the present.

 There is a preview of WolfWalk available on the NCSU web site.

If you point your mobile browser at, you can use WolfWalk even it you are not on campus.  I just tried it and it is VERY cool!

What if …?

Some HRC members offer tours of historic sites or facilities.  The rest of us probably have images or information about those sites or facilities and could therefore contribute to the content. 

I’m just throwing the idea out.  Wouldn’t it be way cool if the HRC could  design a County wide mobile device based self-guided tour of historic sites?  We’d need money to do it, of course, but perhaps the proposed tax being heralded by the respective Chambers of Commerce, could throw some money towards such a project? Would this not foster a better tourism experience? — Grace