AASLH Top 10 Posts of 2016



As 2016 comes to a close, we’re looking back at all the great articles posted on the AASLH blogs this year. Here are our top ten most-read posts of 2016:

1. A Few Simple Tips for Public Historians Working with Confrontational Visitors by Nick Sacco (10, 214 views) http://ow.ly/OxmF307nWku

2. Baby Boom: Motherhood & Museums by Melissa Prycer (5,851 views) http://ow.ly/RnSY307nWwf

3. What They Don’t Teach You in Grad School: A Historic House Director Fills in the Blanks by Michelle Zupan (4,895 views) http://ow.ly/8YWa307nWLC

4. What I Look for in a Cover Letter and Other Thoughts About Job Applications by Janice Klein (3,518 views) http://ow.ly/NKe9307nYsP

5. Five Opportunities to Take a House Tour from “Meh” to Great by Bethany Hawkins (2,584) http://ow.ly/MbsL307nX9U

6. New Report Reveals Each Generation Less Likely to Visit Historic Sites Than the Last by John Dichtl http://ow.ly/nwHA307nXhx

7. House or Home? Rethinking the House Museum Paradigm by Ron M. Potvin http://ow.ly/Y0x5307nXnZ

8. When History Doesn’t Matter by Anna Altschwager http://ow.ly/e8TB307nXxU

9. 5 Ways to Get a Woman Out of the Kitchen by Dollie Boyd http://ow.ly/1DUL307nXFm

10. Ten Fundraising To-do’s for Small Museums & Nonprofits by Jamie Simek http://ow.ly/mzFN307nXLR

Want to read more great posts? Check out our top blogs of 2015. Want to write an article for AASLH? Learn more and submit your posts here.



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