Santa Elena Event and Program Announcements


Santa-Elena-History-CenterEvent and Program Announcements from the Santa Elena History Center October 19 -October 29

Join us for a variety of special programs and presentations 

in the Lecture Room of the Santa Elena History Center. Meet characters from our past, dive into the layers of the Santa Elena story, learn about the scientific aspect of archaeology, meet special guests in Beaufort, and much more!  Click here to register online and reserve your seat!

Lafayette and the Rights of Man

While most South Carolinians know who Lafayette was, the details of his life and his contributions to the cause of American liberty, both military and political, and his 1824-1825 tour of our country, including South Carolina, are not well known. This presentation will not only touch on the above information but will also focus on Lafayette’s life and his connections to South Carolina as well as his lifelong dedication to protecting the rights of all individuals.

October 19, 2016 @ 4:00 pm –5:00 pm

Santa Elena History Center 1501 Bay St., Beaufort, SC 29902

Cost: 10.00

Instructor: William S. Davies, Jr.

Basic Navigation and Tools of 16th Century Explorers 

Today we move about with the aid of satellite-based navigation tools and Internet maps. Researchers are even confident that we will have self-driving vehicles in just a few years. This course allows you to learn the art of navigation and to discover the methods sailors used 500 years ago. Learn from master navigators Howard Heckrotte and Doug Nelson to plot a course using a sextant, quadrant, compass, and chronometer. Learn how these 16th Century tools advanced European discovery and exploration of the New World.

October 27, 2016 @ 4:00 pm –5:00 pm

Santa Elena History Center 1501 Bay St., Beaufort, SC 29902

Cost: $10.00

Instructor: Douglas F Nelson and Howard Heckrotte

Eliza Lucas Pinckney: Colonial Plantation Manager and Mother of American Patriots, 1722-1793

In 1739, Eliza Lucas Pinckney came to South Carolina with her family and began to experiment with indigo on her father’s plantation on Wapoo Creek. She succeeded in growing indigo and producing a rich, blue dye from the leaves, thus bringing a profitable new cash crop to Carolina planters. While her accomplishments were rare for a young lady of the 18th century, they were not outside the scope of what was expected of a woman at that time. This biography, drawn from her surviving letters and other sources, chronicles Eliza Pinckney’s life and explores the 18th century world she inhabited. Signed copies of Eliza Lucas Pinckney: Colonial Plantation Manager and Mother of American Patriots, 1722–1793 will be offered for sale after the program.

October 28, 2016 @ 4:00 pm –5:00 pm

Santa Elena History Center 1501 Bay St., Beaufort, SC 29902

Cost: $10.00

Instructor: Peggy Pickett

Jeepers Creepers- Spooky Stories of the Lowcountry

Join us on an afternoon of spooky tales and creepy legends of the Lowcountry – approximately one hour of Halloween fun appropriate for all ages. Included are cemetery ghosts, family members returning from the dead, see what happens when a woodcutter gets lost in the forest, how to keep the goblins and ghost out of your house, strange lights and screams and more! Chills and thrills will run up and down your spine as Cora weaves the magic of Halloween sharing stories that you will take with you into the night, tales of strange and scary things. Come and let the shivery, shaky feeling creep into your life as you hold your breath and wait to see how the story ends.

October 29, 2016 @ 2:30 pm –3:30 pm

Santa Elena History Center 1501 Bay St., Beaufort, SC 29902

Cost: $10.00

Instructor: Cora Newcomb

To see a full calendar of events and programs happening each week click here, and check with us often as programs continue to be added.


There are a variety of exciting group programs available to enhance your visit to Beaufort and the History Center. These programs are designed to bring history to life in a way that is entertaining and engaging for all ages. For more information about group programs click here.

School programs at the Santa Elena History Center are a great way to extend learning outside the classroom and ensure that students learn the history of the area in which they live. Many programs are also a great introduction into the field of archaeology. For more information about school programs click here.


The Santa Elena History Center is available for reservation after hours (4:00-8:00 pm). Attendees will have full access to the exhibits. Tables, chairs, and trash cans available.

Inaugural Exhibit “Santa Elena: America’s Untold Story”

now open to the public in the beautiful, historic former courtroom

Tuesday-Saturday 10am – 4pm  

Sunday 1pm – 4pm

Admission is $10/adult, $5/child (age 5-12), and free for children under 5, active duty and first responders.

SANTA ELENA HISTORY CENTER        1501 BAY STREET, BEAUFORT, SC 29902         843-379-1550         WWW.SANTA-ELENA.ORG


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