August Schedule Adjustments in the Beaufort District Collection


BDC Panel Logo with Tagline

Due to scheduled staff absences, the Beaufort District Collection has some schedule adjustments for August 2016.

We have a small panel exhibit “The Pollitzer Family” on loan from the South Carolina Historical Society on display in the 2nd floor gallery just outside the BDC’s Research Room door. It will run through August 31st. The Gallery is open Mondays through Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm.


While the Special Librarian/Archivist is out of the office August 3 – August 19:

  1. Research consultations are suspended.
  2. Permission for reproductions from our collection are suspended.
  3. Remaining staff will have lunch Noon to 1 pm each workday.
  4. Posting to this blog by BDC staff is suspended.
  5. Responses to any email or phone messages received will be made in the order in which they were first received. If you haven’t heard from us by August 31st, please re-submit.


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