Looking for a Two Good Trainers



From the Chair of Palmetto Archives Libraries and Museums Council on Preservation:

We have seven so far for the Clemson [Disaster Preparedness] workshop [on June 7th and sponsored by PALMCOP], so still about 13 seats left. http://www.preservationsc.org/events.html  I’m sure it will fill out closer to the date.

What we could use is one or two more folks willing to serve as trainers to give this workshop in the future. We’ve got two right now, but none on the coast, which is usually more vulnerable.  If you know anyone from a coastal county who would like to take this opportunity, please direct them to me! Their institution will have to pay for this workshop (it’s two days long for future trainers but no extra registration fee), but PALMCOP will cover their expenses for each workshop they deliver.


Suzanne Singleton, Chair of PALMCOP & Head of Reference and Professor James A. Rogers Library, Francis Marion University, POB 100547

Florence, SC 20502-0547, (843) 661-1319 Office, (843) 661-1309 Fax, msingleton@fmarion.edu


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