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From: Mary Lou Brewton


Press Release for Immediate Release


Beaufort County Historical Society

Carolyn Curry celebrating Women’s History Month

Suffer and Grow Strong, The Life of Ella Gertrude Clanton Thomas, 1834-1907

Noon Thursday, March 26

Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club


Beaufort County Historical Society is pleased to present Carolyn Curry for our March 26th noon meeting.  The meeting will be held at Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club on Meridian Road, Ladys Island beginning at noon and is free and open to the public.  At 11:30 an optional $10 lunch catered by Debbi Covington is available by RSVP only.  RSVP to Linda Hoffman at lindahof@earthlink.net no later than 5 pm on Monday, March 23rd.


In celebration of women’s history month, Curry will discuss the life of Gertrude Thomas, born as a wealthy plantation daughter and becoming a planter’s wife in the glory days before the Civil War, Thomas experienced lost wealth and family strife during the turmoil of the war itself and Reconstruction. This transformation led Thomas to become a more independent  thinker who moved forward to embrace the most progressive issues of her time, particularly the vote for women, gender equality, and the wrong of slavery. She made such significant contributions as starting a school and becoming president of the Georgia Woman Suffrage Association the first time it met in convention in 1899.

Like her heroine, who possessed both the determination of fictional contemporaries Scarlett O’Hara and the true moral compass of Melanie Wilkes, the author of this remarkable work (March 2014 by Mercer Press) has devoted over 25 years to studying Thomas’ life and passionately rendering Thomas alive on the page. Carolyn has brought together Thomas’ miraculous 41-year diary of 450,000 words, 15 scrapbooks, and legal documents in a candid and genuine telling of the full story of this important woman’s life covering almost 60 years.

Carolyn Curry received a BA in English from Agnes Scott College and MA and PhD Degrees in history from Georgia State University. She is also the founder and chair of Women Alone Together, a non-profit foundation created to meet the needs of women who are alone. Suffer and Grow Strong, The Life of Ella Gertrude Clanton Thomas, 1834-1907 brings to fruition Carolyn’s own life’s passion to promote the well-being of women past and present. Carolyn is the recent recipient of the 2014 “Award for Excellence Using the Holdings of An Archives” from the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council (GHRAC) for her historical research and writing Gertrude Thomas’ story.  (Also, Carolyn is the wife of former National Football League player, college coach, and ESPN analyst Bill Curry.)

Books will be available for Curry will autograph books after the meeting.

An optional $10 lunch catered by Debbi Covington is available by RSVP to Linda Hoffman at lindahof@earthlink.net  no later than 5 pm on Monday, March 23rd.

The Beaufort County Historical Society, established in 1939, continue our mission as an all volunteer Society dedicated to the study and preservation of Beaufort County history.  The Beaufort County Historical Society is the oldest historical association in Beaufort County.

For further information contact: Mary Lou Brewton-            maryloubrew@aol.com or 912-604-3634 m



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