Irish Roots at Heritage Library


The Heritage Library ancestry classes begin again in September. The first class on September 24, 2014 at 1:30 pm is Exploring Irish Roots.

Folks are often told that it is impossible to find Irish ancestors because so much was lost in fires during the “Troubles.” This is true, and not true. Many records were safely in the parish church or other locations. However, for lost censuses, there are “work-arounds”.
During this workshop, we will explore a little bit of Irish history, to explain where the Irish came from—whether Celtic, Norman or Viking. We will briefly look at Irish immigration patterns to the U.S., including the famine years. We will talk about finding your Irish ancestors in this country, how to jump the pond back to Ireland, and will touch on research of those ancestors in Irish sources.

The class will be presented by Heritage Library volunteer Beth O’Keefe.
Fee: $10/member; $15/non-member.
Space is limited. Call the Heritage Library at 843-686-6560 to register.

Linda Piekut
Executive Director
Heritage Library Foundation


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