Sierra Leone’s Single Leg Amputee Soccer Association to Visit Beaufort & Penn Center


This just in from Victoria at Penn Center:

Sierra Leone’s Single Leg Amputee Soccer Association To Visit Beaufort & Penn Center

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from Ms. Shirley Kablan, the Director of The “Empowered Living Initiative”, asking if I could write a letter welcoming the Sierra Leone Single Leg Amputee Soccer Association (SLASA) which would be visiting Beaufort to perform at this year’s Gullah Festival. After watching the attached video about SLASA, and knowing the link between St Helena Island and Sierra Leone, I asked if I could do something more to celebrate the group’s visit to the Lowcountry.

More than twenty years ago the President of Sierra Leone followed the trail of slaves from his country to America. He landed on St Helena Island and was hosted by Penn Center and residents of St Helena Island many of whom were descendants of slaves who arrived here from Sierra Leone. Several years later a delegation from Penn Center visited Sierra Leone and connected the bond.

Many African Americans who came to this county as slaves, few know their origins. That is not true when it comes to St Helena Island as the roots have been traced back to Sierra Leone.

With the help of many, I organized a reunion where the amputees will visit the island where they will be hosted at Penn Center. Penn’s Executive Director Emeritus Dr. Emory Campbell will greet the visitors and share his knowledge of the link between countries. Dr. Marlena Smalls, Beaufort’s world renowned performer and teacher, who has for years studied the link between music from West Africa the western world, will share her story about the impact of West Africa on the world.

The amputees will then perform and the event will end with a Sea Island meal at Penn Center.

Over the weekend SLASA will perform at the Gullah Festival.

To view a powerful video about SLASA, follow this link:

It is a 30 minute video, but well worth the time as I am sure that you, like I was, will be impressed with the group and their journey toward peace through soccer.

Penn Center is having a special presentation at11:00am and Gullah lunch to follow at 1:00 pm in honor of SLASA’s visit to the Lowcountry on Thursday, May 22nd. Call Penn Center 838-2432, if you are interested in lunch at a nominal cost of $10.00. The presentation is free and open to the public.

Victoria A. Smalls
Director of History, Art & Culture
(843) 838-2432 main, (843) 838-8552 office
Visit Our Website:
PENN CENTER is Celebrating 150 Years of: Education, Leadership and Service (2012-2014)


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