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Choose from these titles (Older titles not in print are scanned copies of originals):
Not Just Warm Bodies – BNDL011
Could you use one or two extra hands? How about someone who really knows how to make progress with your latest challenge? “Regular” employees are one option, but the organization may not be able to afford them or willing to make a long term commitment. Volunteers, interns, and consultants are other options that may fill your need. This bundle of leaflets can help you find and build a mutually beneficial relationship with these valuable resources. Titles include:
• Volunteer Docent Programs: A Pragmatic Approach to Museum Interpretation (1973)
• Using Consultants Effectively (1975)
• Establishing a Volunteer Program, A Case Study: The Valentine Museum, Richmond, Virginia (1990)
• Student Projects and Internships in a Museum Setting (1993)
• Effective Internship Programs: Mutual Responsibility, Shared Opportunity (1996)
Programs for Your Public – BNDL018
Need a jumpstart to your public programming? Looking for new sources and ideas for creative and engaging programs? This bundle includes great ideas for beginning or improving your programs. From amateur movies to using theater techniques for interpretation to playing ball, these are crowd-pleasers and attention-getters. Titles include:
• Old Movies: A Source of Local History Programs (1977)
• Craft Festivals: A Planning Guide (1979) No originals.
• Interpreting Food History (1997)
• Theater 101 for Historical Interpretation (2004)
• Proprietors of the Bat and Ball: Interpreting the National Pastime and its Predecessor Games (2005)
Self-Assessment Toolkit – BNDL020
Do you really know your organization? Spend some time evaluating and getting to know your institution. How do you measure the performance of your program? Do families visit you? Do you really want them to? A little self-evaluation can go a long way toward strengthening your institutional planning. These technical leaflet resources can help you get started. Titles include:
• Site Analysis for Tourism Potential (1990)
• Charting the Impact of Museum Exhibitions and Programs: Understanding the Public’s Perspective (1999)
• Performance Checklist for Historical Institutions (2000)
• Performance Checklist for Historical Institutions, Part II (2001)
• Process Benchmarking for Museums (2003)
MayDay Resources – BNDL021
This Technical Leaflet bundle was first created to help historical organizations take part in May Day: Planning for Disaster on May 1, 2008. However, the topic continues to be important. After several national disasters, disaster planning has taken center-stage in our everyday tasks. This bundle can help you prepare to handle the unexpected at your institution. Titles include:
• Disaster Planning for Cultural Institutions (1993)
• Collections Care: What to Do When You Can’t Afford to Do Anything (1997)
• Protecting Cultural Heritage Properties From Fire (1999)
• Closing the Barn Door: Dealing With Security Issues (2002)
• Disaster Planning, Preparedness, and Recovery: A Resource Guide (2006)
Come One! Come ALL! How to Draw More People to Your Site – BNDL028
All of us want more people to visit and become involved in our site. The five technical leaflets in this bundle do just that! Titles include:
• From (A)rts to (Z)ombies: A Young Friends Group How-to (2014)
• What’s the Big Idea? Using Listening Sessions to Build Relationships and Relevance (2013)
• Creating Intergenerational Oral History Opportunities (2012)
• Designing Education Programs That Connect Students to Collections (2011)
• Families First! Rethinking Exhibits to Engage All Ages (2009)

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