HBF: Call to Action


Please attend tonight’s City Council meeting at 7 p.m. at City Hall

The Following is the Position that Historic Beaufort Foundation will take Regarding Rezoning of the Marina Parking Lot to Core Commerical


Historic Beaufort Foundation takes the position that there are questions to be answered before the Marina Parking Lot can be considered for rezoning to core commercial. The number one question is whether the property should be converted to private use. Alternative public uses have not been considered and there’s been no public discussion of them.

Council may think that the passage of Sector 1 of the Civic Master Plan indicates public approval of the rezoning and the proposed development, but not once during that process was the public asked point blank: “Do you, the citizens, want this four-acre piece of public waterfront turned over to a private entity?” Additionally, the Civic Master Plan, according to the City, is not a regulating plan and therefore cannot dictate a use for the site  Other questions that should be asked:

  • At what value is the property appraised?
  • What would a current retail and residential analysis tell us?
  • Why was the best and highest use of the property not determined?


Because of these unresolved questions, HBF opposes the rezoning.




Please remember that Historic Beaufort Foundation is a membership organization and memberships are critical to helping continuing our work.  If you’re interested in becoming a member or would like to renew, please call 843-379-3331 or visit www.historicbeaufort.org.

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