Heritage Library, Clemson and Mitchelville


From Linda Piekut, Executive Director, Heritage Library Foundation


The Heritage Library has been featured in an article about our collaboration with Clemson University in an ancestry.com blog.  As a result of our research to find the names of the original inhabitants of Mitchelville, the Pan-African Studies Department of Clemson University contacted the Heritage Library to see how we could work together to support the students in their Creative Inquiry Class about the socio/economic study of Mitchelville.  The course is a three-semester course, each semester focusing on a different approach to the study of Mitchelville.  During their first visit, in March of 2013, the Heritage Library taught the Clemson students some basic genealogy research procedures, and then the students met with local native island residents to attempt to trace their ancestry back to Mitchelville roots.  This visit resulted in a program at Cherry Hill School to honor these residents with plaques of their family trees presented by the students.  Their second visit in the fall of last year was to view the Mitchelville exhibit, tour the site, and further their education about the physical aspects of the village.  The students return to the library and to the native islanders March 17 to learn and conduct oral interviews of the residents.  This will be the final meeting of this group of students, and the library hopes to continue the collaboration Clemson next fall, and start a similar collaboration with the University of South Carolina.




Linda Piekut

Executive Director

Heritage Library Foundation



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