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Hope Is Not A Strategy: Fundraising In Tough Times
Does your   organization jump from one fundraising idea to another without a clear plan?   Do you exist on a shoestring budget, hoping someone discovers the wonderful   things your organization does and magically makes all worries melt away with   a large financial gift? The basics of nonprofit fundraising are more   important than ever in these challenging economic times. This fast-paced   webinar is presented by three experts who share their tips on successful   fundraising in today’s world.

Redefining   Audiences
Who is your   current audience and how can you engage new ones? Our country is undergoing   dramatic changes as Baby Boomers age, immigration shifts take place, and   household incomes struggle to keep pace. Looking at the most recent U.S.   Census, Susie Wilkening discusses demographic change and the valuable way in   which your organization can use census data to think about current audiences,   future audiences, and their motivations and constraints.

Creating   Historic House Interpretive Plans That Connect
Creating   engaging historic house interpretation that really connects with your   audience begins with a solid understanding of your site’s important stories.   Guest speaker Nancy Bryk shows how to develop a research plan including
research on the historical characters who lived in the house, the important   events that took place there, and changes in the site over time. She   discusses where and how to look for this information and then how to use   worksheets to develop your interpretive plan based on that research.

Telling A Good Story
What can you do to   transform a guided tour from a recitation of facts into a meaningful   story that connects with visitors? What tools can you use? How can   volunteers, guides, or docents become a part of the development process   rather than just a delivery system? What makes a good story and how do we   show multiple perspectives? Learn the basics of developing meaningful tours   and explore creative ways guides can connect with visitors who arrive at your   site with many different interests.

Roadmap   Or Wheel Of Fortune? Which Would You Stake Your Organization’s Future On?
History   organizations work today in a world filled with shifting and often competing   realities. It is no longer acceptable to simply be a protector and preserver   of the past. Explore the importance of defining and evaluating organizational   impact through strategic thinking and planning.

Juggling Balls   And Other High Wire Acts: How A Well-Crafted Collections Management   Policy Can Be The Safety Net That Saves Your Collections
Have you ever found   yourself trying to protect your organization’s collections from well-meaning   fellow staff, volunteers, or board members or from members of the community   who don’t understand why their idea or proposal is not in the best interest   of the collections? Using real-life examples, instructor JoAnn Lindstrom   demonstrates how to use a collections management policy to help make and   enforce difficult decisions.


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