Beaufort County Historical Consortium Minutes 01/14/14


Beaufort County Historical Consortium

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coastal Discovery Museum


Grace Cordial called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m. She restated that we are an organization with publicly accessible sites that can be enjoyed by the public.


Those Present were:  Mary Lou Brewton, BCHS and Archaeology Societies, Maureen Richards, Bluffton Preservation Society, Grace Cordial, Historical Resources Coordinator and Manager for the Beaufort County Library’s Beaufort District Collection, Iva Welton, Heritage Library Foundation, Colin Brooker, Author and Expert on Tabby Ruins, Linda Piekut, Heritage Library Foundation, Victoria Smalls, Penn Center, Lauren Kelly, Preservation Planner for the City of Beaufort, Lindsay Rambow, Records Administrator for the Town of Hilton Head Island.



Colin Brooker reported that the Haig Point tabby ruins were finally getting preservation help.  Colin reminded us that last year the Bartlett Tree Service donated work removing trees inside the ruins whose roots were damaging the ruins.  Colin is meeting with the manager of Haig Point who is funding the project.  Work should begin on February 1, 2014 and should last about four weeks.  Joe McGill is planning to spend a night at the ruins part of his Slave Dwelling Project.


Grace Cordial reported that the Civil War Project went very well.  She said the library had an event every night. This year will be the year of the archives.  Preservation and genealogy from the South Carolina Society presents “Changing Boundaries South Carolina” which is about the upstate and Savannah border.   Grace told us she is a representative for the Library of America.


Ms. Cordial also spoke about the way we share information in the consortium and that we should think about having a set of by laws.  Colin Brooker suggested we have a committee that will review this idea.  The committee consists of Colin Brooker, Natalie Hefter, Maureen Richards and Pamela Ovens.


Mary Lou Brewton announced that our next meeting will be May 13, 2014 that will meet at City Hall in Beaufort at noon.


September 9, 2014 would follow that date.


January 13, 2015 would follow next.


Mary Lou Brewton announced that 2015 was the 100th Anniversary of the Marines on Parris Island.


Lauren Kelly announced that The City of Beaufort hopes to adopt the Bailey Bill, a tax that would help restore historic buildings.  Hilton Head Island Planning Commission was not interested in participating.


March 20 Beaufort County Historical Society would have a speaker from the College of Charleston speaking on the Grimke Sisters.  May would have a date to be announced for the Annual Meeting.


Mary Lou Brewton announced that October was Archaeology Month and that they would hold their program “What the Heck is It?” south of the Broad.  Colin suggested Chester dePratter should collaborate with us as he is working on a program about the movement (or migration) of people along the marsh.


Mary Lou suggested that perhaps we should ask the Port Royal Sound Foundation if they would like to be part of the consortium. She will contact them and Pamela Martin Ovens will contact Dr. Chris Marsh of the Spring Island Trust to see if we could arrange a visit to the tabby ruins with Colin Brooker for registered guests of the group.


Victoria Smalls reported that at Penn Center the St. Helena Branch Library Created Equal Series that was asking for grant money to present the documentary with some of the producers and directors.  She said that the Friends of Hunting Island and Beaufort City Trex (Burton Sauls) were helping at the center.


Maureen Richards, of the Bluffton Preservation Society now has an archaeologist, Katie Epps.


Mary Lou will contact Port Royal Sound Foundation.


Pamela will check on the Bailey tax program with Chris Marsh.


Grace reminded the group to read

When sending information, please send in jpg file.



Roundtable announcements were made and we adjourned at 1:18 p.m.


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