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Hilton Head, Island, SC:  Arkhaios Cultural Heritage and Archaeology Film Festival at Coligny Theater, Oct. 24-26, 2013 will include films of cultural, historical and archaeological importance from and representing many countries.  All shows are free and open to the public.


Jean Guilleux, event founder, has posted the films for Day 2 of the 3-day festival.


For Friday, Oct. 25th at 1:35 pm  Mi Chacra, producer: Jason Burlage, Peru.  A young indigenous Peruvian man and his wife and son have farmed most of their lives in a small village in the mountains above the Sacred Valley.  Like many, he believes that life in the city would be better than his village life.  At sixteen, he left for the city, but when his father died, had to return to his village to work and care for his family.  Now he has a young son of his own and, like his father, desires to see his son study in the city and become something more than he has become.

Interwoven with the complex history of a people, this story paints a vivid picture of this man’s life, the conflict between his love of the land and the work he has learned from his father, and the desire to see his son living what he sees as a better life in the city.


At 3;30- I Remember, I Believe producer Georgia Department of Transportation USA I Remember, I Believe tells the story of the Avondale Burial Place, an African-American burial ground discovered by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) during planning for the Sardis Church Road Extension Project.  The trauma found on the bones, the large number of infant and children burials, and the protective charm artifacts found with the bodies tell a story of the difficulties of tenant life.  All are evidence of their hardships.  I Remember, I Believe looks at the history of African-American tenancy and the Great Migration through the legacy of an archaeological site and 101 burials and visually describes a descendant community’s discovery of their past.


At 4:05 Ethiopia: In the Footsteps of the First Christians by producers:  Aline Houdy, Theirry Gautier, and TGA Productions. Northern Ethiopia is the birthplace of Ethiopian Christianity, a religion practiced by almost half of the country’s 80 million people.  In the northern province of Tigray lies a remote territory dedicated completely to the monastic life, the Waldeba.  The Waldeba is home to about a thousand monks and hermits who lead secluded lives of abstinence, fasting and prayer.  For these religious people, dying in Waldeba is the way to gain direct access to heaven.  In this film, the first documentary on the region, François Le Cadre goes to Waldeba to observe the religious practices of the monks and learn about Saint Samuel, the founder of the most important regional monastery, called “the land of the monks.”


For the SC Heritage track at 5:15, In Search of Ambrosio Gonzales, Soldier Under Two Flags, producers : Tim Fennell, Virginia Friedman. This documentary is about an extraordinary self-styled conspirator, freedom-fighter, Cuban patriot and Confederate Colonel, Ambrosio Jose Gonzales. During his lifetime, Gonzales would forge friendships and crucial political alliances with such legends as General PGT Beauregard, SC Senator John C. Calhoun and Mississippi governor John Quitman.  Gonzales would use these relationships to advance his dual missions: Cuban independence from Spanish rule and victory for the Confederate States Army. In pursuing his quests, Gonzales’s fortunes would cross paths with that of both General Robert E. Lee and CSA president Jefferson Davis.


The entire listing of films is on Arkhaios Facebook page and the website..  Please friend The Arckhaois Cultural Heritage and Archaeology Film Festival on Facebook for updates.  The page also displays a video trailer of the film and a brief synopsis.


Presenting sponsors include Coastal Discovery Museum, SC Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology of the University of South Carolina, the Humanities Council SC, the Arts Council of South Carolina, Archaeological Society of SC and the Savannah River Archaeological Research Program.






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