Online Conference for Museums Personnel


2013 AASLH Online   Conference

September 19-20, 2013

Can’t come to Birmingham but still want to attend the AASLH   Annual Meeting? Register   for the Online Conference and attend six hot topic sessions from the 2013   Annual Meeting.

These are not just reruns of the   sessions! Speakers have reworked their presentations for the   online audience. See slides, ask questions, and interact online with speakers   and the virtual audience in these live broadcasts from Birmingham. Take home   real ideas and solutions to help you Do Good History!

Download the full schedule and registrations form.

Don’t miss these great sessions!

  The Continuum of     Excellence and How Your Museum Can Be Part of It   Learn how your institution can take part in the Continuum of Excellence and how AASLH and  AAM are working together for history museums to move between the StEPs, MAP, Core Documents Verification, and Accreditation programs.
  Recruiting, Orienting, and Engaging Board Members   This session let by museum trustees with decades of board experience will help you build an effective and engaged board. The board/director partnership is critical and it begins with having the best board possible.
  Small Museums, Big Impact!   In this session, representatives from three small museums will discuss the challenges faced by their institutions, and the changes they made to confront those challenges completely transforming the way their institutions work.
  Managing Change: The Keys to Successful Transitions within Historic Organizations   Whether transitioning jobs, projects, leadership, or starting from scratch to  create a whole new entity, managing change can provide seemingly     insurmountable challenges. Learn how to employ key strategic and practical steps to help you handle any type of transition or change.
  Volunteers: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Change   Discover how three organizations have re-worked their volunteer programs. Creating a  mutually beneficial relationship: expanding the role of volunteers by giving them greater responsibility and matching jobs to specialized skills; opening their volunteer program to younger and different people; and bringing about the institutional shift necessary to support these changes.
  Working with Community to Address Things that Matter Locally   Is your history organization interested in taking on an exhibit or program that addresses a community issue? How do you involve the community? What angle do you take?  What is the impact? Learn how three members of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience launched dynamic, collaborative programs that address critical local issues.


Questions?   Contact Terry Jackson.



  • $55          Individuals
  • $105          Individuals
  • $95          Group
  • $145          Group
  • $115          Group, multiple log ins
  • $175          Group, multiple log ins

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