AASLH Call for Photographs


From an e-mail from the American Association for State and Local History:

AASLH is re-designing and re-branding our look this year, which includes a new website. And we need our members help! AASLH is your home – and family – for history, and we want our material to reflect that. This is your chance to participate in AASLH’s new look by submitting photographs of your institution for possible use in our marketing and membership material.
Check out our training and resources brochure to see one of the ways we use our members’ photographs!
Submitting photographs of your institution to keep on file for AASLH marketing material is a win-win. Your organization receives promotion and visibility to our members and wider audience whenever they view AASLH material. AASLH benefits because as the association that supports history organizations, what we look like should look like you!

AASLH is looking for photographs that show:
• Exhibitions
• Programming, both adult and children
• Collections, of all types
• Exterior shots of buildings/architecture
• Interior shots of buildings/architecture
• Landscape and grounds

Instructions for submitting:
1. Photographs must be submitted on a CD or DVD
2. Photographs must include the Photo Permission Form, see AASLH_PhotoPermissionRelease
3. Format: JPEG or TIFF
4. Resolution: 300 dpi

Photographs that do not meet those four requirements cannot be considered.

No photographs will be accepted via email.

Deadline for submission: April 15, 2013

Mail submissions:
Attn: Photographs
Marketing Department
1717 Church Street
Nashville, TN 37203
*By submitting photographs, you grant AASLH permission to keep images on file for use in marketing material. Not all submissions will be used.



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