Museums Advocacy Day


intop_01_01   AASLH is a Proud Sponsor of Museums Advocacy Day.

Even if you cannot join AASLH, AAM, and hundreds more of your colleagues, you  can  still make a difference! How?

You can take the following “Advocacy Resolutions” in 2013, and help make the case to Congress for museums!

#1: I will participate in Museums Advocacy Day or advocate from home Feb. 25-26.
#2: I will find out who represents me, in Washington DC and in my state legislature.
#3: I will invite an elected official to visit my museum.
#4: I will use my museum’s participation in programs like StEPs or MAP or StEPs to show commitment to excellence.
#5: I will complete an Economic Impact Statement for my museum.
#6: I will Write One Letter.
#7: I will do my part to develop solid, field-wide data to support Museums Advocacy Day.
#8: I will learn more about legislative issues so I can effectively advocate for them.
#9: I will put “Advocacy” on the agenda at my museum’s next board meeting.
#10: I will complete an Educational Impact Statement for my museum.

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