Our Forum’s Design


During our last two meetings, members of the general public have attended our forums either as a guest of a member institution delegate or without an invitation.

The BCHRC was founded for persons employed by, or on the boards of, recognized historical culture groups within Beaufort County with collections (paper, photograph, library, archives, museum artifacts, or historic sites) that are shared with the public under reasonable terms of access who have been authorized by their member organization to speak on behalf of that organization during our forums.  The purpose of our consortium was to have a private forum for discussion of mutual goals and strategies among designated representatives for each of our groups and to lay the foundation for meaningful collaboration and awareness of what each of our organizations brings to the community.

As we all know, the number of historical groups in Beaufort County is growing all the time.  Friends of this or that site are formed fairly regularly.  Therefore, members of the general public have many outlets for their enthusiasm for all things historical and cultural.  The BCHRC is a forum for our agencies to talk with each other about training opportunities, exhibits, preservation, and collaborative ventures.  We reach out to other organizations meeting our rubric for membership as appropriate.

Interested laypeople, family members, private collectors, tradespeople, crafts people, cultural heritage tourism related business people, and/or individual researchers were intentionally not included.  Ex officio, Colin Brooker, a well known international tabby expert and prodigious researcher in all sorts of cultural heritage institutions throughout his career, is our researcher representative.

Being a member of one or more of our organizations does not qualify a person to attend our forums.  The executive of the historical culture member group or the organization’s board gets to decide who serves as their one representative during our forums.

At our next meeting, please do not bring any guests with you unless they can address an item on the agenda with some professional or real-world experience that will be for the good of the whole.  Ours is not a forum for individuals to share information about their personal collections or interests of an historical nature.

If someone should contact you, please explain that we are a confederation of recognized cultural heritage and historical groups, i.e., libraries, museums, archives, stewards of historic buildings and sites, and historical societies within Beaufort County whose holdings are open on a regular basis to the general public or via appointment within a reasonable period of time (generally 2 weeks or less).  Our meetings are not open to the general public.

  • At our next meeting, I propose that we begin discussion of by-laws for our group.
  • At our next meeting, I propose that each meeting henceforth will begin with an introduction of each person present and a statement regarding which institution they are delegated to represent.
  • At our next meeting, I intend to put forth a proposal that this blog becomes password protected in order to prevent the general public from accessing it.  Each organization will be given a password to access the Members Only section.  It will be up to the organization to monitor how their password is distributed among its own membership.

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