Library Wins “CIVIL WAR 150” Traveling Exhibit for September 2013


 The Gilder Lehman Institute of American History has awarded Beaufort County Library a traveling “Civil War 150” exhibit for September 2013. The exhibit will be on site September 9 – September 30, 2013. The Beaufort County Library system’s supplemental programming will give our residents and visitors the opportunity to compare and contrast  how different the story of the Civil War was here in Beaufort County, South Carolina than elsewhere in the United States. As part of the grant, we will highlight Civil War related materials from the Beaufort District Collection, the Library’s special collections and archives department, such as Dr. Johnson’s Medical Record Book, our Civil War illustrated prints, original newspapers, and piano sheet music. Programs relating to the Civil War, and our own local history, will be held for all age groups and at all our branch libraries.


We’re looking for partners and co-sponsors!   I was the grant writer and will be the project coordinator.  More at our next meeting – 9/11, Beaufort History Museum, Noon.  Bring your own brown bag lunch.  BCHRC meeting chair is Katherine Lang.


2 Responses to “Library Wins “CIVIL WAR 150” Traveling Exhibit for September 2013”

  1. Iva Welton Says:

    Grace, Congratulations on obtaining this wonderful exhibit.
    The Heritage Libaray would like to assist you in anyway that we can. What are your needs as far as a partner – or co-sponsor is concerned.
    Iva Welton
    Heritage Library Foundation

  2. Grace Cordial Says:

    Thanks, Iva. I’ll go over the preliminary details at our BCHRC meeting 9/11 at the new Beaufort History Museum.

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