HRC Meeting Minutes 4.30.2012


Beaufort County Historical Resources Consortium Meeting Minutes – April 30, 2012

Heritage Library Foundation 11:30 AM

Present:  Iva Welton (chair of the meeting), Natalie Hefter (minutes), Bill Altstaetter, Mary Lou Brewton, Nancy Ludtke, Toni Ferguson, Ian Hill, Pamela Ovens.

Minutes from the November meeting were approved (Mary Lou Brewton-motion, Nancy Ludtke – second).  Two changes were noted:  Toni Ferguson was in attendance at the November meeting and instead of Ian Hill being mentioned as a member of the UN task force, it should be Queen Quet.

Mary Lou Brewton asked if all members were receiving emails from her organizations.  She offered to share and pass along any announcements from our member organizations to her email list.  All organizations were encouraged to send their media release information to her.


A request was made to have Grace Cordial send out the summary of who can post to the blog, and directions for how to become a user by several present.  Iva and Mary Lou both said they had posted on the blog.

Purpose of organization:

A discussion about the purpose and goals of the organization took place, led by Iva Welton.

Ian Hill restated the historic origins of the group, and that it was a clearinghouse to know where all the documents and historic records are kept in the county, so that all organizations will have an understanding of who has which sets of documents.

Iva asked the group whether we felt a media release would help to show our collaboration, explain what we are and who the member organizations are.

Ian reiterated that all of us need to send our event announcements to Mary Lou, as she has a very comprehensive email list.

After re-reading the mission statement, as it had been shared by Grace,  Ian asked that the term ‘local government organizations’ be added as potential members of the group.

Meeting frequency –

At the November meeting, the organization voted to meet four times a year; however, since this is the first meeting since November, the members present discussed and offered an alternative.  The group agreed that the HRC should meet three times a year (September, January and April).  In the interest of  planning ahead, the members present selected dates for future meetings (September 11, 2012; January 8th, 2013 and April 9th, 2013).

September 11, 2012 – Beaufort History Museum has offered to host this meeting at their new location, 1911 Boundary St., Beaufort.

January 8, 2013 – Natalie Hefter recommended that the Bluffton Historical Preservation Society host this meeting and she will get in touch with Maureen Richards to confirm.

April 9, 2013 – Beaufort County Historical Society has offered to host this meeting at Blackstone’s restaurant in Beaufort for lunch.  This will be confirmed by Pamela Ovens well in advance of our meeting.

Correspondence –

Iva read a RSVP from Queen Quet suggesting that a list of events be produced by this organization to show events related to history in the area.  Also, she complimented the BC Library for their New Harmonies exhibit, commenting on the collaborations that took place during the exhibition.  Queen Quet has asked that all organizations think about how the other member organizations might be able to collaborate during planning events and programs.  Also, if any organizations would like to purchase any archival materials in bulk, to share expenses, please contact Queen Quet.

Organization announcements –

Mary Lou Brewton announced the Jean Ribaut events that are scheduled:

  • 5/10 – BCHC – lecture by Bob Prioleau, a member of the French Huguenot Society of SC will  speak  May 10th at the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club off Meridian Rd, Lady’s Island, Beaufort, SC. Optional catered lunch available at 11:30 am $10 RSVP (by May 8th). Mr. Prioleau will begin his talk at noon
  • May 17th – Dr. Chester DePratter –The Archaeology of Charlesfort at Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club off Meridian Rd, Lady’s Island, Beaufort, SC. Optional catered lunch available at 11:30 am $10 RSVP Lecture to begin at noon presented by Beaufort County Historical Society.
  • May 17th –Dr. Chester DePratter— Excavating Charlesfort at Coastal Discovery Museum at Historic Honey Horn off Hwy 278, Hilton Head, SC –Reception 6:30 PM, lecture 7 PM presented by the Archaeology Society of SC/Hilton Head Chapter
  • May 23rd –The Goliards Musical Concert at THE SHED on Paris Avenue, Port Royal 7:00 PM- harpsichord and instruments and music of the era of Jean Ribaut presented by Beaufort County Historical Society
  • May 25 – event at Parris Island – reservations are required and the event is invitation only. [Ian Hill noted that the ceremony will be taped by the County Channel.]

Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation –

  • No upcoming events to announce, but the Museum is open Wed. – Sat. 12:30 -3:30 in the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.
  • The Gullah Learning Center and community library are open in the Jane Hamilton School.
  • Nancy also offered to send announcements to their members.
  • Self guided brochures are also available on the Island
  • is their website

Beaufort County – Ian announced that the first of the ‘Beaufort County Moments’ that will be aired on the county channel have been filmed.  Dennis Adams and Natalie Hefter were ‘volunteered’ to do these initial ones, but plans are in process to expand this project and film many more interesting subjects and include many of the members of the consortium in the preparation.

Heritage Library Foundation – has begun offering one hour lectures to visitors about island history at timeshares and resorts.  Working with the Hospitality Association on the Ambassador program.  Lectures continue.

Coastal Discovery Museum recently scheduled tours in cooperation with the HLF and the Open Land trust of historic sites on Hilton Head.  Keep this sort of collaboration in mind when planning upcoming events.  We have done these for school groups and adults.

Motion to adjourn – Mary Lou Brewton

Second – Ian Hill

All members voting in favor to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM.


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