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Art Works Grant

May 31, 2012

Collections Care and Conservation: How to submit an Art Works grant to the National Endowment for the Arts Live Chat Webinar Wednesday, June 6 at 1:00 pm EDT

August 9, 2012 is the deadline for applications for conservation projects supported through the Art Works program at the National Endowment for the Arts.  Join Wendy Clark, Museum Specialist, National Endowment for the Arts, at 1:00 pm EDT on Wednesday, June 6 to ask your questions and learn helpful Do’s and Don’ts for your application.

The NEA’s guiding principle is embodied in one sentence: “Art works.” “Art works” is a noun; the creation of works of art by artists. “Art works” is a verb; art works on and within people to change and inspire them. “Art works” is a statement; arts jobs are real jobs that are part of the real economy.

Art Works encourages and supports the following four outcomes:

  • CreationThe creation of art that meets the highest standards of excellence,
  • EngagementPublic engagement with diverse and excellent art,
  • LearningLifelong learning in the arts, and
  • LivabilityThe strengthening of communities through the arts.

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Commemoration of the Burning of Bluffton

May 30, 2012

Join the Bluffton Historical Preservation Society, Inc. as it commemorates the 1863 burning of the village by Union Troops.

Registration Open: Technology Archives Boot Camp in July

May 30, 2012

Here is a wonderful opportunity brought to you by folks of PALMCOP.  Learn to keep up with your digital archival materials!  The price is a very affordable $40 (plus gas, lodging and food if you don’t have a free place to crash in Greenville).  And you get taught by one of the premier archival education instructors in our country, Richard Pearce-Moss.  Registration is very limited.

Read this flyer for details.

I’d love to go myself but I’ll be in Australia on July 28th. 

Remembering the Burning of Bluffton

May 30, 2012

burning poster

From Oyotunji African Village

May 29, 2012

Please forgive the scaling.- gmc