October is Archaeology Month


As is our custom, Ian Hill of Beaufort County Planning and I are joining forces for Archaeology Month in October.  We are getting older, a little longer in the teeth, and are powering down a bit.  With the geographic focus of this year’s theme – The PeeDee – we are a little stymied.  Nevertheless, we will soldier on:

  • I expect the Archaeology Month posters from SCIAA to arrive September 20th. Nena Rice is bringing them after her talk at the Hilton Head Chapter of the Archaeology Society Meeting.  After taking my cut for the County Council and Library system, I’ll have about 200 hundred to share.
  1. Q: Do you want any for your institution?
  2. Q: If so, how many do you want?
  • September 26th  – Beaufort County Council will proclaim October Archaeology Month. Ian will be out of town so I will have to accept the Proclamation.
  1. Q: Do any of you want to “go in” with us to accept the Proclamation?
  • Thursday, October 27th, 5:30 pm, Beaufort Branch Library, 1st floor, the old SC Room, we are hosting Chris Judge, Archaeologist and USC-Lancaster Professor.  His presentation will be on the topic of the archaeology of “Making Artifacts Talk.”
  1. Q: Do you have any programs planned?
  2. Please contact me at gracec@bcgov.net or by calling 255-6446 if you have any Archaeology Month news or plans to share with the group.

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