BDC Hours of Operation


As you may have read or heard, some parts of the Beaufort County Library are reducing their hours of operation due to sustained loss of staff and the hiring freeze. 

  • Beaufort Branch, Bluffton Branch, and Hilton Head Branch Libraries have reduced hours effective Monday, June 6th.
  • The Beaufort District Collection, Lobeco Branch and St. Helena Branch Libraries will keep to the usual and customary schedule for these locations.

The Beaufort District Collection will be open as close to our “normal” hours as is possible.  Just grab the lobby elevator at 311 Scott Street, get out on the 2nd floor, and walk to the old meeting room area (AKA Paul Siegmund Room).  You’ll find either Charmaine or me present from 10 am – 5 pm Mondays through Fridays to assist you – except that County mandated furloughs necessitate that we close for lunchtime, defined as Noon to 1 pm, 8 days during June.  The affected dates are:

  • Mon., June 6th
  • Fri., June 10th
  • Mon., June 13th
  • Tues., June 14th
  • Wed., June 15th
  • Mon., June 20th
  • Wed., June 29th
  • Thurs., June 30th

On the above dates, the BDC Research Room will be open 10 am – Noon and will re-open 1 pm – 5 pm.  — Grace





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