Brooker on Moultrie’s Slaves March 30th


The Beaufort District Collection is delighted to sponsor a local history program at the Beaufort Branch Library on Tuesday, March 30th

Colin H. Brooker will share his current research regarding the slaves of Gov. John Moultrie, a South Carolina lowcountry planter who sent 150 slaves to The Bahamas to establish plantations on New Providence and other islands.   His slaves pioneered the cultivation of long-staple cotton.  Based on recent archaeological and architectural surveys sponsored by the National Museum of The Bahamas, this lecture describes efforts to locate Moultrie’s long forgotten holdings and determine the ultimate fate of those enslaved individuals who settled them.  The perambulations of his slave, Santee, will be highlighted. 

“Searching The Bahamas for Gov. John Moultrie’s Forgotten ‘People’,” presentation by Colin Brooker in the Paul Siegmund Room of the Beaufort Branch Library, 311 Scott Street, Beaufort, SC.  Tuesday, March 30, 2010 5:30 – 6:30 pm.  The program is free and open for anyone aged 12 years and over.


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