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Foundation Grants for Preservation

December 18, 2009

Get access online to “Foundation Grants for Preservation in Libraries, Archives and Museums,” a collaborative project of the Library of Congress and the Foundation Center at

Preservation grant funding described in the guide includes archives conservation, art conservation, collections management, disaster funding, education, endowments, environment, equipment, exhibit preservation and treatment, faculty and staff development, fellowships and internships, film and video preservation,  historical and archaeological preservation, historical societies, library preservation, museum preservation, painting conservation, program evaluations, publications, research, scholarship funds, and visual arts conservation among others. 

 The closest of the Foundation’s Cooperating Collections is in the Charleston County Public Library, 68 Calhoun Street, (843) 805-6930.  Grant seekers can enjoy free access to the Foundation Center’s online databases, CD-ROMs, and directories—plus books, periodicals, and research findings about  foundations and philanthropy that just might be interested in helping you fund your preservation project.


Building Leaders in State and Local History (2010) & Scholarships

December 10, 2009

From the American Association of State and Local History: To help make AASLH Workshops available to all history professionals regardless of budget size, AASLH offers workshop scholarships! Recipients receive registration fee reimbursement and a one year individual membership in AASLH.

  • Workshop Scholarships for New Professionals: Two scholarships are available to paid employees of history organizations that have worked in the field for three years or less.
  • Workshop Diversity Fellowships: Two fellowships are available to paid employees of history organizations that represent a minority group in the U.S.

Get the application! Due by December 21 (so you best hurry!)

For a list of training offerings review the  AASLH’s workshop series.  For example, in January 2010, one can study the Basics of Archives and Plan for Digitization  to advance one’s professional knowledge while drinking a cup of hot chocolate in comfort at one’s  home or office right here in beautiful Beaufort County.

For more information, contact Bethany Hawkins, Program Associate, at 615-320-3203 or by email to