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BDC: “4 and No More” limited space for customers

May 23, 2008

If you hear of a group of folks planning to come to use the BDC (e.g., a class, summer institute group, a busload of tourists, etc.), please advise them to call me at 470-6525 first to make arrangements.We will do our best to be creative and come up with a mutually beneficial solution to the severe space constraints.   But there are no guarantees that we will be able to accommodate groups larger than 4 people. 

I do my best creative problem solving when I have a little time to think.  A week’s notice from a group would be great!  Our telephone number is 470-6525. — gmc/bcl


Heritage Microfilm

May 23, 2008

I’m not sure that everyone is familiar with historical preservation services offered by Heritage Microfilm.   In addition to offering local newspapers on microfilm, it specializes in both historical preservation microfilming and digital preservation.  It may well be that one or more of you might benefit from investigating their products and services. Here are just some of the tasks they provide — for a fee, of course:

           ·         Historic newspaper microfilming ( bound volumes and  loose sheets)

·         Microfilm digitization

·         Damaged microfilm duplication (vinegar syndrome and redox)

·         Creation of digital archives for your library

·         Replacement of damaged backfiles

The current area representative for Heritage Microfilm is Ms. Jamie Leon (Jamie is a female person) in case you want to learn more.  Her e-mail address is

The Beaufort County Library is providing this information to you only as a public service.  We are not endorsing this vendor.

On the Record, On-Line for May now available

May 22, 2008


The May 2008 On the Record, On-Line – the newsletter of the SC Archives and Records Management Division is now available at:


In this issue: 


Ø      2008 RM Conference photos and PowerPoint presentations

Ø      Disasters: Are You Prepared?  Pointers and web sites at:

Ø      Multi-state digital archives project

Ø available for free in the Reference Room

Ø      SC Government Agency Website Archives at:

Ø      Major upgrade of the On-line Records Index now available at:

Ø      SC SHRAB awards

Ø      Local government Archival Issues and Practices workshops to be in September.

Ø      Local Government Records Advisory Council met in April

Ø      National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators meets in Atlanta in July

Heritage Library has a new president

May 21, 2008

G. Norma Harberger is the incoming president of Heritage Library.  She will be the Heritage Library representative to our group.  Please make her feel welcome.  –gmc/bcl 

“Connecting to Collections” materials available through the BDC

May 19, 2008

The Beaufort County Library applied for — and won — a set of the “Connecting to Collections” materials for the use of our consortium members.  BCL Tech Services department has done its magic and the materials are now available for checkout through the BDC.  You won’t find these records listed in our online catalog for just anybody to use.  These wonderful current reference materials are for the exclusive use of the members of the Beaufort County Historical Resources Consortium!

By a special one-time only arrangement:  The BDC has brokered a deal!  Official representatives of your organization can check the materials out through the BDC — provided that the person has a valid Beaufort County Library card.  This means a staff member, a board member or a current volunteer at your organization can come see Amber or me for access to the materials and/or to check out the materials.  You can’t do this through the Circulation department.  You can’t do this through any other library branch.  You have to come to the BDC and talk with Amber or me to make the check-out happen for your organization.  You have to have a valid Beaufort County Library card (and it’s free to all residents of Beaufort County).

Circulation period is 3 weeks with one renewal. 

Failure to return the item on time will result in usual Library fines, fees, and cessation of borrowing privileges.  Besides, which, you’ll look really, really selfish if you keep the resource and exclude other members from using it to preserve their collections, too.

A bibliography of the available materials can be found at

There is a 48 page PDF brochure about how best to use the awarded materials at

“The IMLS Bookshelf is a crucial component of Connecting to Collections: A Call to Action, a conservation initiative that the Institute launched in 2006. IMLS began the initiative in response to a 2005 study by Heritage Preservation documenting the dire state of the nation’s collections. The multi-faceted, multi-year initiative shines a nationwide spotlight on the needs of America’s collections, especially those held by smaller institutions, which often lack the human and financial resources necessary to adequately care for their collections.” (IMLS press release announcing the awards back in February).