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Agenda Items Thus Far for the 15 May Meeting

February 27, 2008

+ Nominees for the SC Hall of Fame

+ Discussing cooperation among our institutions and of diverse views regarding upcoming anniversaries, particularly in relation to the Civil War anniversaries

+ Proposed rules for rotating chairmanship of and location of meetings, attendance, voting, taking and posting of minutes

= Please submit additional agenda items to Grace before 8 May.


Nominating Folks to the SC HALL of FAME

February 27, 2008

Our colleague, Evan Thompson of Historic Beaufort Foundation, is also the District 10 representative of the Confederation of South Carolina Local Historical Societies. He asked for our help in suggesting nominees for the SC Hall of Fame. Each of the Confederation’s 10 districts selects nominees – thus presenting 10 contemporary and 10 deceased nominees to the SC Hall of Fame Board of Trustees for judging annually.

The SC Hall of Fame honors contemporary and past citizens who have made outstanding contributions to South Carolina’s heritage and progress.

Persons born in South Carolina who obtained recognition elsewhere and persons born elsewhere but who made their home in and obtained esteem and recognition in the state of South Carolina are eligible for induction.

One contemporary and one deceased citizen may be inducted into the Hall of Fame annually.

Please come to the May 15th meeting armed with a list of nominees to share with the group.

Action Points to be accomplished before our next meeting

February 21, 2008

+ Dennis will investigate the cost of launching a website for the BCHC.

+Elizabeth will revise the Survey instrument.

+Dennis will post the revised Survey instrument onto Survey Monkey.

+Iva and Queen will distribute, collect and analyze the information submitted on the survey instruments.

+Dennis will look into adding multiple administrators to the blog in order to let every member organization participate directly if they should so choose.

+Meeting leader will rotate among member organizations. ? Who wants to be meeting leader next time? Please respond by April 30th to this posting if a representative from your group will serve as meeting leader at the May 15th session.

+Members should come to the next meeting with a list of 10 individuals from Beaufort County who would be good nominees for the SC State Hall of Fame.  For information about the SC State Hall of Fame go to

=If I have missed something, please let me know. — Grace

SC SHRAB Online Directory of Historical Records Repositories

February 13, 2008

If your organization is eligible to be listed in the SC SHRAB’s online directory of SC Historical Records Repositories, PLEASE consider doing so. As a special collections librarian, I can vouch that researchers use the listings to make connections with organizations and collections. There isn’t a month that goes by that I don’t use the hardcopy or online directory to hook up a researcher or genealogist with another historical records repository within SC. Unfortunately, Beaufort County is represented thus far by only three historical records repositories: the BDC, Parris Island Museum, and the Heritage Library. I know good and well that there are more of us!

To participate or to get additional information about the scope and content of the online directory, please contact “Jeanette Bergeron, Archivist of the James R. Crumley Jr. Archives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Columbia, [who] is managing the directory update for the SC SHRAB. Please contact her directly about your repository information. Jeanette can be reached at: (803) 461-3234 (Office) P.O. Box 3621 Columbia, SC 29230.” — gmc

Proposed Mission Statement

February 7, 2008

The Beaufort County History Consortium (BCHC) is a group of non-profit institutions with publicly accessible sites, collections and programs that relate to the diverse history of the Beaufort County, South Carolina.

The Consortium seeks to preserve, link and promote the historical and cultural collections and sites that reveal Beaufort County’s critical role in the region, state and nation by  providing meaningful and engaging heritage and educational experiences.

The Consortium strives to strengthen member organizations through cooperative professional development and sharing of institutional expertise.

The Consortium’s membership includes a wide spectrum of libraries, museums, historical sites and preservation organizations across Beaufort County that have publically accessible documents, research materials, objects, artifacts, maps, structures, and programs related to Beaufort County history.

The Consortium meets quarterly to allow member organizations opportunities to exchange ideas, arrange cooperative events, coordinate program scheduling, and address issues relating to the preservation and presentation of the history of Beaufort County.

–Contributed by Grace from notes taken at 21 Feb. meeting